What Sets Us Apart

Creating Smiles to Last a Lifetime

You want your loved ones to enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles, and to enjoy those smiles for life. At Central Illinois Smiles, Dr. Katie Booth, Dr. Greg Haarman, and our team want the same.

We’d be honored to be chosen as your smile care partners, ensuring you and your family members achieve smiles that allow your personalities to shine!

Why Choose Central Illinois Smiles?

We believe the best dentistry is more than fixing teeth: it’s connecting with the person in the treatment chair, learning their needs and goals, and respecting their unique situation.

We promise to always treat you with compassion and empathy, listen to your concerns, and become your partners as you develop optimal oral health and a confident, functional smile.

Our practice is lead by Drs. Booth and Haarman, two skilled, gentle dentists handling treatment planning and care, you’ll achieve your smile goals in a timely, comfortable manner!

Our doctors and team members are committed to ensuring your every visit is stress-free, efficient, and has you smiling:

  • We’re patient-centered: We tailor every visit and every procedure to you and your concerns. You’ll never feel like an anonymous number on a chart or set of teeth in a chair. Instead, we’ll greet you by name, learn what you desire, and build a connection based on communication, trust, and respect.
  • We’re family friendly: We’re thrilled to care for many generations of families, from the toddlers through their great-grandparents. We appreciate being part of these families’ lives, watching the children become adults and bringing their children to us.
  • We emphasize patient education: By partnering with and educating you, we ensure you have the knowledge needed to develop strong dental hygiene practices. Nothing makes us happier than seeing patients take control of their oral health!
  • We focus on preventive care: Through preventive treatments, we’re able to stop problems from starting, and this is key to ensuring you don’t develop future issues.
  • We help you make informed decisions: We’ll always explain our clinical findings, thoroughly review treatment options, and answer all of your questions. Then it’s up to you to decide how to proceed: we’ll never recommend treatment we wouldn’t recommend to our own family.

Schedule a Visit

Central Illinois Smiles has two convenient office locations: in Decatur, serving Forsyth and Mt. Zion, and in Taylorville, serving Stonington and Pana. Please contact us and schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one, today!

Dr. Booth, Dr. Haarman, and our team members look forward to welcoming you to our dental family: we’re excited to be your partners as you achieve a lifetime of beautiful healthy smiles!

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