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Have you ever been told that you should visit a dentist once every six months? Do you ever struggle to make these appointments because of time constraints or because they’re inconvenient? While we understand that your time is valuable, please know that these appointments are actually vital to the health of your teeth.

An important part of these appointments is a dental cleaning. You see, when you come in for a professional cleaning, we’ll be able to clean your teeth and remove stains that you can’t take care of at home. Furthermore, during these appointments, we may be able to recognize signs of more serious problems that could eventually require expensive treatments. In other words, these visits can ultimately save you money since cleanings are fairly inexpensive.

Furthermore, our team may be able to recognize several more serious issues. For instance, our team is trained to recognize the symptoms of oral cancer. The odds of treating oral cancer effectively are much greater if our team is able to recognize your issue before it becomes too severe. Similarly, gum disease and tooth decay are easier to treat—and could cause fewer problems—if they’re addressed quickly.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with us, or learning more about bi-annual cleanings, please don’t hesitate to give Central Illinois Smiles a call at 217.877.1742. Dr. Amanda Lewis and our team look forward to hearing from you soon!