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Set up your smile for summer success with oral emergency preparation. As will all oral health care treatment plans, the more time you are willing to commit to keeping your smile going strong, the greater the likelihood that oral health success with prevails.

Listed below are a few versions of oral emergencies and their effective treatment plans:

Objects stuck in teeth:

– If an object has become lodged in your teeth, try using specialized interdental cleaners to take out the object, including dental floss or a water flosser, but never use a sharp or pointed tool to try and remove the object.

Bad bites:

– If you bite your tongue and lip, wash out your wound and your mouth to ensure it is clean, and apply gauze until the bleeding stops or if it is deep a deep wound, stitches may be needed.

Cracked Tooth:

– If you crack a tooth, excessive bleeding may occur from the wound, which you should wash out to ensure it is disinfected, and then apply gauze until the bleeding stops.

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