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When a member of our Central Illinois Smiles dental team fits you for dentures, it will fit securely to the unique shape of your mouth. Even with this custom secure fit, many people with dentures find it helpful to apply denture adhesive for extra hold and to help keep stray food particles out.

Should a few stray food particles infiltrate the base of your dentures, you should completely rinse the dentures clean of any residual adhesive away. Then you can lightly dry the base with a paper towel before applying fresh adhesive to give you a uniform, secure hold.

When you take your dentures out at night you will also need to rinse away any residual adhesive. Then you can brush your dentures with a nonabrasive toothpaste or denture polish before soaking them overnight in water. This will ensure a clean surface to reapply denture adhesive to the next morning.

When you are shopping for denture adhesive, you should always look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal means that the ADA has subjected the product to rigorous testing and research and that it has met their established guidelines.

If you’re considering dentures and you have questions about how to properly clean and maintain them, you can call our Central Illinois Smiles dental team in Decatur, Illinois at 217.877.1742 for more information. We are always here to help you have a confident, healthy smile!